IKYA Healing™

Introducing IKYA Healing™ – the easy and powerful healing method


IKYA Healing™ is an easy to learn yet powerful method for self-healing and spiritual development. Enjoy increased flow and connectedness while bringing healing and wellbeing to all life. IKYA Healing™ will give you the ultimate tools to connect you with nature’s intelligent love, allowing it to bring you to a new level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

IKYA Healing™ establishes balance and harmony on all levels, allowing you to feel more centered, present and vibrant. If you are experiencing stress and anxiety in your daily life, you will more easily find peace and profound joy with a sense of grounding. The method dissolves blockages to let your natural flow be restored and sustained.

IKYA Healing™ treats you and your life as one cohesive reality. Thoughts, emotions, body and life are released to a state of love and healing. You may achieve inner peace and harmony and a level of cohesiveness that you have never experienced before.

IKYA Healing™ is an independent method within the IKYA methodology. The method can be used by everyone and does not require any specific belief systems or prior knowledge. IKYA Healing™ can safely be combined with all medical and therapeutic treatments and is also suitable for those who want to take a more active approach to their regular IKYA treatments.
Over the course of two consecutive weekends you will learn to heal yourself and others. You will work with spiritual light and vibration and learn how to dissolve blockages and open the natural flow. If you have a desire to work with healing and want a method that is easy to learn yet gives powerful results, IKYA Healing™ may be exactly what you are looking for.
Welcome to IKYA Healing™

• Promotes self-healing and spiritual growth
• Dissolves blockages
• Balances and harmonizes energies of body and life
• Improves connection between your inner and outer life
• Brings balance, harmony and happiness
• Treats underlying causes and patterns
• Increases life force and vitality
• Alleviates stress and unease
• Increases awareness and spiritual consciousness
• Opens you to the healing power of nature
• Releases suppressed emotions and energies
• Strengthens creativity and ability to manifest
• Helps you become a positive influence in your own life and others’
• Reinforces and supports all spiritual practices