IKYA Individual Treatment™

IKYA´s basic principle is that life is One. All we are comprised of; body, mind, spirit, life’s many venues and manifestations, is part of one continuous context.

In the western way of thinking we divided everything into small pieces. We see each part as something separate and unconnected. What happens in the body appears to have nothing to do with what happens in your life.

Because our culture does not relate to life’s larger contexts, people will often encounter confusion and perceived lack of insight. Life can be perceived as a series of meaningless events, where we are almost as passengers in our own lives. We do not understand why something occurs or how our life’s journey appears in an expanded perspective.

IKYA as a method gradually bring your consciousness to a state where you see the big picture, where absolutely everything fits together. You will easily see relationships, movements and the logic of your total self-expression. The method defragments your existence, and dissolves the misconceptions that life consists of separated parts. You will specifically be able to experience unity.

As long as you are not in contact with the larger perspective, as long as you experience yourself as many different parts, you will never be able to experience deep tranquility and deeper healing. You will be in a constant conflict in which you try to get the various pieces to fit together, and even harder, make your own pieces fit together with your life. In reality we humans use the major part of our thoughts, feelings and resources to deal with stress and imbalances that come from this conflict.
When you make a puzzle, knowing what the image depicts, makes it much easier to figure out how the pieces fit. You will be able to recognize parts of the image in each piece and understand where to put them. It is this clarity IKYA gradually will trigger in you.

True healing is letting go of all resistance and go into a state of deep acceptance of what is. Therefore IKYA is not focused on manifestations and expressions of disease in itself. We see them as a valuable mirror for your awakening process. The key to healing is thus the awareness, the exploration of mirrors and manifestations.

IKYA is a method that is primarily aimed at those who identify with being in an awakening, where you already are in touch with your inner essence. The more you awaken, the more you see the need to organize your life and make room for more reality and truth. Those who are attracted to IKYA, and taking joy of the method, often know the inner reality has begun to unfold in one’s outer life. In such a process there is a occurancy of completely different issues, and different healing processes. One will go in and work with ones different existences. And their cycles, their programming and their karma as natural as working with their physical health.

IKYA allows you to touch your total existence as a coherent universe. It becomes easier for you to navigate through your process and open yourself to insight and heightened awareness.

This form of treatment is now for the first time available here in the Netherlands, only by Vidar Hauge.
This unique form of therapy is now recognised and approved by the minister of health care in Norway, because of the strict ethics and the procedures in the treatments.

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