Ikya Space Clearing™

IKYA Space Clearing™ is a method to balance and adjust your home, office, and backyard, bringing balance and harmony to your surroundings.

The method is based on that all elements and levels of life can work harmoniously together. We dissolve blockages and programs in the area which are an obstacle to flow, and facilitates home support and reinforcement of your self-expression.

IKYA Space Clearing™ creates a neutral and supportive area providing space for everything that is there. You will be able to experience insights and realizations during treatments, as blockages become detached and processed. Your home is in many ways a three-dimensional model of your and your family’s processes, and through an IKYA Space Clearing™ this will be clarified.

Everything we think and feel will be broadcasted. A home will be under constant programming from those who are there. Our home will therefore over time easily function as a self-affirming mirror, that reinforces our beliefs and assurances so that we increasingly get stuck in old patterns. Many feel that it is easier to change the thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns after they receive an IKYA Space Clearing™. The area will be reset, and you will be mirrored clearer.

You will much more easily be able to fill your home with clear intentions of how you want it. The majority will experience this as a proper spring cleaning of energy and blockages, and you will feel a freshness and openness in the treated area.

IKYA Space Clearing™ is suitable for all types of homes, gardens, offices, buildings, and areas.

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