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Thank you Vidar and Barbara for an inspiring IKYA Meditation™ level 1 course in the Netherlands. I was totally surprised by the simplicity of the exercises and how strong and powerful they worked in releasing stress. I enjoyed how the exercises integrated both bodily movement and stillness. This really enhanced my feeling of connectedness. To experience the power of including was perhaps the turning point for me during the course. The possibilities that opens up feels endlessly in the powerful act of including. I feel overwhelmed by the increased energy I received after only two days. I will most definitely use this wisdom and integrate it into my daily life. After all it can really be included into any daily activity. I highly recommend this course to anyone who want Meditation to be an active part of their lifestyle.

Helene Harris – Christensen, Norway

participant Course level 1 11-12 February 2017, Nijmegen, the Netherlands


Dear Barbara and Vidar, Thank you for a very wonderful experience. This meditation didn’t try to send me away on a journey far from the daily life with all its challenges, in an attempt to escape it all for a bit of time. For the first time I felt the real actual world put together hand in hand with the spiritual one, and I felt how it can be one. Same as body and mind can be one. Very powerful and enlightning. And not just to enjoy in the moment of the meditation, but really a great mindset to take with you in the every day life! With warm greetings, Katja

Participant workshop IKYA Meditation, 14th August 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Workshop IKYA Meditation™, 30th September 2016, Boncath, Wales.

As someone with no real experience of meditation, I found this to be a real eye opener. A series of simple introductory exercises during a taster session left me feeling calmer and more relaxed, more centred than I have felt for months. I had been anticipating a lot of silence and inner contemplation, so was surprised that the session involved more than this, but after overcoming a slight feeling of awkwardness about some of the more physical aspects of the exercises (being ’the ape’!), I actually found the movement helpful – and probably more helpful than if it had just been sitting around quietly contemplating. I very much embrace the idea of acknowledging and accepting feelings/thoughts/emotions and then moving beyond them rather than simply trying to push them away to reach a sense of calm. Very much hoping you will come back to the UK! Thank you – and thanks to Sally at LifeSeeker for organising.

Sally Sellwood


A very interesting workshop of IKYA meditation™ with exercises for freeing held on emotional blockages within your body.

Denise Cannon, workshop IKYA Meditation™, Wales 2016


Review Yvonne Pye, participant at our IKYA Meditation™ workshops in St. Davids (30th September 2016) and Newport (1st October 2016) in Wales.

Can I just say Thank you Thank you Thank you after attending a second session I feel so much lighter when I walk more positive and energised as if a heavy burden has been lifted ( actually slept right through the night I was so relaxed ), I now know that releasing my inner feelings are so beneficial I can say yes to my self and it’s alright to say no to others, My health and well being is my priority. Embrace the world around you, but don’t let it eat you up and destroy you from the inside. Thank you again I will be incorporate the teachings of the last 2 days in to my future wellbeing regime. Looking forward to your next visit and workshops xx


Wales, UK, Freshwater East, Drop in class IKYA Meditation™, 2nd October 2016

Thank you for a thought provoking session at The Longhouse in Freshwater East on Sunday. Some interesting techniques I shall be trying out. Pam