Vidar Hauge

In 2003 I started to work as an IKYA Practitioner™. I followed my education at the IKYA Academy in Oslo, Norway. The IKYA method assisting people in their growth and life’s unfoldment.

One of my strong qualities in my work is to motivate people to actively be willing to do the work in what is needed in unfolding their potentials. And bring out these potentials into their life, into the world. Things don’t become true before you fully integrate and live them in your life. True healing occurs when you dissolved the distance between wat you believe and what is.

I love being in service and assist people in their life’s processes.

IKYA Practitioner™ for IKYA Individual treatments™
IKYA Space Clearing™ for homes, environments and Companies.
Facilitator in IKYA Meditation™ and IKYA Healing™

Barbara Hauge

 ‘Be present in every cell of your body and in every aspect of your Life’.

Around 8 years ago I started to work with IKYA. After work experience in art therapy with adults and working for years with children, I  learned a lot about group dynamics and personal development. Also actively practising spiritual practices, like meditation, yoga, growth work for more than 15 years.
When I was invited for training to become a facilitator in IKYA Meditation™ and IKYA Healing™, I knew immediately that this is what I want to do. It is so much fun to assist people in their growth. To see them blossom, unfold and becoming more present in their body and in their lives. Allowing themselves to shine and become more happy and free.
With teaching IKYA Meditation™ I want to contribute to bring different perspectives in society and inspire people to live fully in their own life. IKYA Meditation™ brings so much fun into meditation. To include your whole body and life into meditation, you are able to make truly changes in your life.
This makes me so enthusiastic to bring it out into the world and meet you.

Facilitator in IKYA Meditation™ and IKYA Healing™
Art therapist and coach
Middle management

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