IKYA Meditation™

So you thought you knew all about meditation? Think again.
Introducing IKYA Meditation™, a new level of spiritual unfoldment


IKYA Meditation™ is a playful, yet profoundly effectiev form of meditation that
brings you directly to the core of your being. It cuts through the illusions of the
ego and enables you to connect with your true self faster than any other method.
For many, IKYA Meditation™ is very confrontational, for others, it feels like coming

The techniques encompass your entire being and your life, opening the
channels of spirit and allowing free flow into everything you are. Over time IKYA
Meditation™ will help you build awareness, transforming your life into one
continuous spiritual practice. You will awaken to life in ways you didn’t imagnine possible.
You will develop stronger flow and increased spiritual connection.

Traditional medicine focuses primarily on drawing your focus inward and away
from life around you. IKYA Meditation creates true presence in every single
moment, drawing you into your life and body. You will incarnate more fully,
thereby releasing your highest spiritual potentials.

So are you ready to reinvent your meditation? IKYA Meditation™ is accessible for
all and requires no prior experience wit spiritual techniques.
Whether you are
experienced or a beginner. IKYA Meditation™ will bring you to a new level of
awareness and connectedness with all life.

  • Promotes self healing, self love and self confidence
  • Lets you experience spirit, mind, emotions, body and life as one cohensive reality
  • Creates true presence in the here and now
  • Dissolves blockages and stagnation
  • Releases suppressed emotions and energies
  • Reduces fear and stress
  • Sets you free from boundaries and limitations
  • Brings you to your true core and center
  • Nurtures spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness
  • Improves your flow and connectedness with life
  • Strengthens cognitive skills and creative thinking
  • Brings fun into your spiritual practices
  • Fills your heart and mind with joy and love
  • Promotes sense of oneness
  • Makes you feel happy and free

The classes focusses on stress relief, creating more Space in Your daily life. The techniques you learn you can include them into daily life directly.

IKYA Meditation Facilitators Vidar Hauge and Barbara Hauge