Reference IKYA Individual Treatment™

Vidar has this extraordinary capability to make me reconnect in myself by letting go of old patterns and strengthening my inner self. The work together with Vidar has brought me a higher consciousness about what I am able to achieve by developing my inner structure; this work releases a lot of energy which gives me back the capability to be focused on my own life. I am grateful for what this personal development gives me of opportunities both work wise and personally!

Grethe Christoffersen
Coach & Organisation Constellator

I have received Vidars offers during a periode of the last three years. While I was running the center Bevegelsesrommet, he regularly gave Space Clearing for my worksplace andStillpoint treatment to myself parallely. When I closed the center and moved to a new office, I continued this double treatment or service. Vidar has also given Space Clearing to my home several times. At the moment I follow a monthly Stillpoint treatment. I work as a producer, dancer, choreographer, teacher and facilitator in the businessfield, running my own firm. I lead quite big projects, and the demands are high regardinginnovation, coordination and financial issues. In these work processes I have received big benefits from Vidars treatments. He has a great understanding for the essencial needs of human growth and the creation andfulfillment of a project. He has the ability to support my intentions for both work andpersonal life through his precise methods. I can see a link between the treatments and thespeeding up of the processes in which I am involved. Somehow the treatments bringsclearity to my mind and opens up a new contact with my soul, which effects my ability to choose, work and act from a deeper level of my being.
I can highly recommend Vidar to any person who wish to grow, heal or experience the beauty of life.

Kari Anne Vadstensvik Bjerkestrand

About 2 years ago I was losing myself. I got anxiety and felt like tearing apart. I could not see clearly anymore. The main reason for this sickness was that I was living in a relationship with a man and that our energy and our perception about life were on two different levels. I felt like being eaten up piece by piece. Normally and trough my whole life I’ve kept a good balance with love for my being and others around me. Now I had to have some help. I contacted Vidar Hauge and asked him if he was able to help me. After the first lesson of therapy I felt much more calm and knew that the “hard edge” of my sickness was gone. So I continued my therapy with him and noticed that he was able to help me rebuilt myself. After finished the treatment I had two follow-up lessons. Today I am the girl I used to be, but my inner strength is even stronger. Thanks for treated me! I can highly recommend this therapy to anyone who needs to find back the balance and harmony in life!